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Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds Coffee Premium Espresso Blend - 250g / 8.8 oz

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This premium freshly roasted specialty wholebean coffee is perfect for coffee lovers. Sourced from Guatemala and Colombia, the coffee has a consistent smooth and balanced taste. Using an exclusive process, Seven Seeds coffee is packed and sealed in an air-tight bag that enhances and seals in the precious aromas and oils, so that you enjoy the freshest taste - cup after cup.

COMPONENTS 50% Awel Teha, Ethiopia  | 50% Los Ancestros, Guatemala

TASTES LIKE: Caramel, Sweet & Balanced

PACKAGING: The wholebeans are packed in a resealable pouch that provides the comfort of consistent fresh aroma and taste. 

PROFILE: We design our seasonal house espresso blend to present a sweet and delicate, sometimes floral and always clean extraction. We source coffees to meet the intent to highlight good acidity, clarity and sweetness. Delicious served black and paired with milk.

DETAILS ON SOURCING: The coffee does not carry the fair trade certification, it's a step above, as the coffee is purchased for the quality, not what the market rate is. Seven Seeds generally pays around double-triple the Fair Trade price and the coffee purchased is sourced directly from farmers or co-operatives by our very own roasters who regularly travel to origin.

Customer Reviews

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Best Coffee I've Had

Top quality coffee. It tastes just like the description and doesn't leave you bloated like other coffee brands or Starbucks. I like the medium roast because it is not too strong where the coffee becomes overpowering. I put the espresso beans in my coffee machine and it makes a smooth cup with foamed milk.

I definitely recommend others to try it. Had not heard of the brand prior to coming across it here but it is way better than many average coffee brands and even speciality products throughout supermarkets.

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