Plant Shipping

Here's an overview of how we ship our plants to provide you some insight on the lengths we go to deliver an amazing plant. 

1. Crinkle Paper

After potting the plant in the planter you've chosen, we top the soil with crinkle paper.  This helps keep the soil in place and holds in some moisture.

Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 1

2. Bubble Bags

Once the crinkle paper is in place, we slip the whole planter inside a poly bubble bag and seal the top with packing tape.  This keeps the crinkle paper and soil firmly in place and helps protect the pot. 

Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 2   

3. Support Structure 

Once in a poly bag, the stalks of the plant are protected with a folded cardboard tube. This structure keeps the pot on the bottom of the box if the unit is turned upside down.

Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 3Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 4

4. Bottom Padding

The plant assembly is then placed inside a slightly larger cardboard box, which is lined with two sheets of large bubble wrap along the bottom and sides of the pot. This provides extra padding around the decorative planter. 

Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 5Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 6

5. Butcher Paper

Once inside the box, the tube is held in place by packing paper, so that the stalks of the plant are not bent or mangled. 

Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 7Water & Light Plant Shop Packaging 8

6. Ready to ship!

The box is taped and sealed, ready for carrier pickup. Customers are provided a tracking number once made available to track the progress of their shipment.