Affiliate Program

Expert or beginner, we've got the tools to help you.

Did you know you can make money by referring customers to Foy? Everyone needs groceries. Why not use your platform to help spread the word to friends, colleagues, and earn a referral commission in the process?

Join the many Foy advocates doing exactly that!

  • Recurring referral payments
  • No cost to sign up
  • Payments sent monthly

Grocery marketing can be a powerful income stream for you. Set up your free advocate membership and start referring customers and earning referral payments!

Articles and Ads

Easy-to-reprint content, accessible from your referral account.

Email Sale Notice

Know the instant you've made a sale.


Visitor and Sales Stats

See how many people are visiting your referral link and how much money you're making per customer.


How the Customer Referral Program works:

When you join the Customer Referral Program, we'll provide you with an ID.

You'll then refer customers in need of groceries or household items to Foy by tagging links to our site with your ID.


If your ID is xyz, you'll add xyz to the end of any link you make to us, for example:

When we receive visitors through your customer referral-tagged links, we'll associate that visitor with your advocate account.
If they then order place an order (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one), you'll receive a 5% customer referral payments from their purchase!

Recurring income:

When someone you refer to us makes an order, you'll earn 5% not only on the initial sale, but also on any recurring purchases they make with your link.


You refer Joe to us, and he makes a purchase of $120.00. Each time Joe makes a purchase at Foy with your link, you'll earn $6.00.

Given the average grocery spend is $550 per month, you've made $27.50. After a year, you've made $330.00. After 2 years, $660.00. 3 years? $990. And so on as long as a customer has used your link. 

And that's just one account!


The more your referrals make purchases, the more money you make.


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